Kite flying in blue sky

I’m safe home in Melbourne now.  I want to go back to Sydney.

Tropical flower

It’s so warm and sunny this time of year — not too hot,

Jasmine flowers in sunbeam

But just warm enough that you can feel the sun dance on your face.

As can the jasmine.

Of course, Sydney has a lot of other attractions.  For me, a tall girls’ meet up in a hilariously inappropriate venue with tiny stairways.

Mind Your Head sign

We met some of the pygmy natives.

Tall girl posing with very short guy

They were really interested in us!  This group photo was taken by a lady who stood on her table to get a high shot.  Life must be so difficult for the short ;)

Group of tall girls looking normal sized in relation to one another

Even in my best heels, I was soundly out-talled by the lovely 6’4″ Emma (who ALSO wore heels!)

Three tall girls smiling

I’ve never been to a tall girls event and I can really recommend them, if they’re the right sort.

The wrong sort are full of bitching and moaning.  The right sort are full of conversations about shoes and how tall our kids are, or will be, and stories, and life, and dessert, and the universe, and everything.

The right sort is held in a public place where normal size people will double take and wonder if we’re “some sort of tall club”.  And then not believe us.  And then want their photographs taken with us.

And bring their friends to meet us.

And conversations are at eye level, and nobody slouches.

Tall girls are wonderful.

(Thanks to Nat Kotela for organising the event and welcoming a cold-skinned Melbourne girl to Sydney!)